Over the years we’ve been growing our fleet. Starting with only 2 machines back in 2012 we now have 6 birds that can be found in the skies all over the province of BC. This past winter we added our newest Robinson 44 Helicopter. Tail named CAB, we call him Charlie Alpha Bravo.

Charlie is a brand new 2019 model. Manufactured in California, SKY owner Andrew Westlund and Chief Pilot Clayton Reid actually flew this beauty back to his new home in Beautiful BC! Complete with air conditioning, Bose A-20 aviation headsets and state of the art pop-out floats for increased safety, this machine is made for passenger comfort. Powered by a Lycoming fuel-injected engine, Charlie can get you from point A to B in no time.

Whether you are looking to arrive in style or just cruise with the clouds, this is the machine you’ll want to fly in. Comfort and class; our Charlie boy has been raised right.

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